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Bountiful Languedoc...

Robert Skalli wines were born in the bountiful, sun-kissed Languedoc, the largest wine-growing region in France. This region of southern France is fortunate in having a climatic environment where some parcels ripen early, while others take longer. The soil is predominantly composed of limestone, clay, gravel and loam, with patches of marl. The blends created from these diversely rich terroirs bring elegance and finesse to our wines.

A Network of Partners

This natural richness is reinforced by the close collaboration that Robert Skalli established with winegrowers twenty years ago. The “Skalli Vineyard Quality Club” gathers ninety top partner growers amongst the most experienced in the Languedoc region and guarantees perfect vine selection. To produce wines of precise concentrations and complexities, vineyards are selected, inspected and managed according to strict specifications: Short pruning, leaf and bunch thinning, limited yields (55-65 hl/ha)...

For our Robert Skalli wines, specific parcels were earmarked according to the potential of each terroir:

West Languedoc : a temperate climatic zone and very stony, chalky-clay soils producing very dense, aromatic wines.

Central Languedoc : a hotter climatic zone, with earlier ripening, where two types of soil were chosen: a gravelly clay soil giving well-structured wines with noticeable tannins; a soil of limestone fragments giving softer wines with coated tannins.

North-east : a cooler, later-ripening climate, with limestone soils providing fruitier wines.

This original method produces wines of the highest quality that express the generous character of the Languedoc region.

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Recognized Know-how

Our quality approach also integrates the vinification process, conducted under the watchful eye of a Skalli oenologist. The grapes are picked when they are perfectly ripe. After destemming, they undergo a long maceration period.
All our Robert Skalli wines are partly aged in French oak barrels and partly in vats to give the final blend all its complexity while conserving its primary fruit.

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