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Wines with class and imagination from southern France

Robert Skalli inherited his passion for wine and terroir from his father Francis. He was 24 when he came to settle in southern France in 1974. Over the years, he has developed his knowledge of the wines of the region and propounded its potential. A great believer in quality, he started a revolution in the 1980s world of Languedoc wines by creating the very first single-grape wines in France, wines which attest to the quality of the vineyards and match consumer expectations.

A new generation of wines is born

By the early 90s, southern French single-grape wines had gained great popularity. Robert Skalli then began to develop a new generation of wines which expressed both the typical nature of their terroirs and the complexity of taste in the different varieties.

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A simple leitmotiv :

Plots planted with old vines were stringently selected for the best fruit. The quest for quality continued in painstaking vinification and maturing in oak barrels to give the wines a subtle touch of woodiness. The final blend is a perfect balance of aromatic complexity, concentration and elegance.

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Wines of surprising strength and finesse

Rigorous control of the process from the vine to the bottle ultimately led to four single-grape wines: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Syrah. These were followed by three Appellation Contrôlée wines - Coteaux du Languedoc, Minervois and Corbières - and finally in 2006, Viognier, a typical southern French varietal. Amazing in their force and delicacy, these beautifully balanced wines can be drunk on all occasions in all simplicity.

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Choosing the sculpture

To embody the personality of his wines, Robert Skalli has chosen a work of modern sculpture by Bernar Venet called Ligne Indéterminée, symbolising an outgoing attitude and imagination in an unending spiral representing the work on the vine and on wine, work which never ends because there is always something to improve. It reminds us that, apart from human skills, wine depends on that extra bit of soul that goes into any creative work.

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Robert Skalli – His Wine is his word

In signing his wine, Robert Skalli wishes to share his passion for the grape varieties and terroirs of southern France with all wine lovers.

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