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Robert Skalli

Robert Skalli honors artists who won the 2008 "Indeterminate Line" competition



On November 12th at the Amsterdam “Rosarium restaurant”, members of the press, artists, wine and art lovers of Holland gathered around Robert Skalli to celebrate Susan de Waardt’s work, winner of the “2008 Robert Skalli & Taste of Art “ competition.

As explained by Mister Skalli himself, “The indeterminate line is a sculpture by Bernard Venet - a contemporary French artist. The original sculpture has been standing at the wine cellar entrance since its creation in 1990”.  This “Never ending Spirale” is for me and my company a symbol of quest of perfection and imagination. It embodies the work in the vineyards which is never finished as always perfectible. “

This art competition has been organized with the Dutch organization “Taste of Art” as both companies share the same vision “bring wine and art closer together, to reveal more people the beauty of both”.  

Susan de Waardt’s work has been chosen by the Dutch public who voted online for their favorite interpretation of the indeterminate line. Her work will be exposed at the Rosarium restaurant  where guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the “Art Menu”. This creative special menu is served in plates decorated with Susan de Waardt’s works along with some delicious Robert Skalli wines.


Charlotte Babéé, Miss Universe Hollande, Susaan de Waardt, Robert Skalli et Gérard Gielen, fondateur de Taste of Art.



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